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Engineering Team

If you make hardware, we’re here to help.  From early stage research efforts to final manufacturing optimizations, our team of engineers and designers are ready to tackle the most challenging problems.

What we do

We help make great products.  While our core focus is electrical and firmware engineering, we can help at any stage of your product’s lifecycle.


Basic Research

We excel at experimental design and validation, theoretical and numerical simulation, and even back of the envelope calculations.  Every great product starts with sound data.

Schematic Design and Capture

From high-frequency mixed-signal to high-power industrial control, we design circuits that work.  We can help review your existing design, or start something from scratch.

PCBA Design

As an authorized Altium Design Bureau, we can design and fabricate printed circuit boards for any application.  This includes multilayer, exotic material, flex, and thermal designs.  DFM and DFT are always on our minds.


Once you have a design in place, we can convert it to a functional prototype.  This includes PCB fabrication, assembly, mechanical prototyping, and testing.  We have on-site equipment for surface mount assembly and 3D printing.

Firmware / Software Development

Primarily, our competency is in Microchip processors running C.  This includes simple 8-bit assembly state machines all the way to 32 bit FreeRTOS systems.

Mechanical Design

Our industrial designers and mechanical engineers can help with a host of design needs, from enclosure mockup and injection molding to complex electromechanical systems.

Let’s Start Something new
Say Hello!

We won’t bite… promise!  Even if you have a simple tech question, drop us a line.  We  love to help and you never know where the conversation will lead.