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About US

Who is Canopy Design Lab?

Canopy Design Lab is owned and operated by Michael Wieckowski in Charleston, SC.  He is a Ph.D. electrical engineer who spent the first part of his career designing low power integrated circuits at the University of Michigan and the University of Rochester.  His expertise includes over 15 years of experience designing electronics for medical, industrial, and consumer applications and has resulted in 32 publications and 7 patents.  Feel free to contact him on LinkedIn or through his personal blog.

We also have an amazing cadre of designers, engineers, coders, and scientists that help bring all of our projects to life.  Our core team is located in Charleston, SC but we also have remote collaborators available around the country.

Our Business Model

Our mission is to give our clients access to the most innovative and talented minds without the costs and overhead associated with traditional product design firms.  We do this by maintaining a network of collaborators who are effectively independent contractors under a common “Canopy”.  We share resources and work side by side on a daily basis, but each scientist, engineer, and designer is encouraged to pursue their own projects and passions.  This keeps energy levels high and ensures that people are working on projects they are passionate about.  Our friends at Fount taught us about this model, and we believe it is game changing for everyone involved.  Give us a shout to learn how we would work with you and your team.